Recharge à Kyoto

Driving from Tokyo to Fukuoka

So that was true : In Japan you can recharge in less than 30 minutes nearly everywhere, thanks to the very dense  quick charging station infrastructure.

You can imagine the improvement that allowed us to travel in a quiet “normal” way, with some touristic detours without any risk regarding our planning. And crossing Japan will certainly be the easiest   stage of our world tour. Driving a thermic car wouldn’t have been much more convenient!

Even in a quite difficult context due to a lack of electric energy after the stop of all the nuclear power plants (this summer people are required to reduce by 20 % their consumption to avoid electric shortage) Japanese people warmly welcomed our project.  From Tokyo we drove along the south coast to Kyushu Island, going through Kyoto, in the inner lands.

Few hundred kilometers away, just passed the Mont Fuji, we were invited by the  Mitsubishi Motors R&D Center to visit a Smart grid experimentation that combines electric cars, green energy ( solar, wind) and  batteries. This experiment has been quite impressive, that was the first real example of Smart grid using electric cars we could see in real conditions.

The concept is simple: Electric cars, old batteries of Electric cars, solar panels and Wind farms are connected together to a building situated on the plant. That allows smoothing the charging curve. During the day a part of the cars parked and used batteries provide electricity for the building and at night they all recharge when electricity needs are low…


Of course our discoveries where not only in the field of technology. As soon as you get away of the cities and their suburbs you are surrounded by amazing very dense forests, and rice fields. Cooking is much more various than are used in Japanese restaurants in France, even if now after few weeks we are not still accustomed  to eat to rice, fish and especially “ nato” ( soya beans) for breakfast.

Travelling in Japan means a stop in Kyoto. This is the ancient capital and traditional city with many Buddhist temples and Shinto sanctuaries.  With the help of our Plugger who welcomed us, we could recharge in one of the most famous temple, high on the hill above Kyoto: the Kyomizu-dera temple.  Another “spiritual” experience was as celebration in a Shinto sanctuary, where a priest accepted to bless our car and our trip.

As our project has an important environmental dimension, we had a visit to the Conference center were the Kyoto Agreements were signed in 1997: reducing CO2 emissions on earth. But we couldn’t visit the conference hall, that day occupied by an orthopedic congress.


We could have stopped our electric Odyssey a few kilometers ahead of Hiroshima, in Mizushima city because there is the factory where our car is manufactured and then shipped to France. In facts, it means that our car has already achieved a complete tour around the world, our starting place.

Warm welcome and meeting with the manufacturing team was a great moment, we were all proud of the C 0

A new surprise in Hiroshima with an incredible drive of a De Lorena (the car used in the movie : Back to the future) Our Plugger friend had converted this car in a full electric car !!!


Till our next surprises, we now ship our C0 for the last time: Singapore and then 100 % on land to Strasbourg